I'm Paulo, alias A Ghost Train, and I make electronic music. Someone once told me they danced wildly to it, but I'd say it's the kind you listen alone by the fireplace on a rainy night. If you were looking for the paranormal phenomenon, you should probably head somewhere else but not before you push the little "play" button over at the top left corner of the website. Go ahead, don't be afraid, push the button.

In the years since I reached consciousness, I’ve managed to stay deeply engaged with the participants of a feeling community. It had the same spell on me musically as well as visually, for example. Giuliano Amato’s photo, as well. I applied the same fashion I learned music there. In the beginning of secondary school, when I was seven, musical composition provided us a means to communicate these aspects of music. Influenced by authors Djuna Barnes, John Hawkes and flautence of sparrows, I have largely realised by such activities as gaining the Guide Association Basic Leadership Certificate.

I have participated in a rich tradition, it is either in the studio. I have the tools in place, the quality of the brush across the canvas. There is an ideal medium of expression. The viewer looks down the excess of technical mélange in how I arrive at my choices and decisions. I also don’t want to downplay the aspect of having fun. The texts provide clues to content and interpretation. While translation between mediums remains impossible and seductive, I find parallel concerns in a manner similar to that which is not as academic as with literature. World, with whom I have to stand back and squint to see the world into separate categories of music. It is a poetic force in my music, theater, and the relationship between sound and visual media influence and inspire each other.

The above text was generated by a computer program. I believe the context in which the music was created pollutes the listener's experience and is thus, unnecessary. That and I don't like writing "bios". The program used to generate the text was written by my good friend over at jamez.it with whom I collaborated on Chemin Vert, an interactive video "of a trip on the road at supersonic speed spanning across five continents and four seasons".